MKMMA Week 12


So this week has been interesting.  My mentor told be a few days back that I’m supposed to take action on giving.  So as I was practicing my rhymes, a sudden idea occured to me, to take a 12 year old kid out to eat and mentor him a little, so I did just that.  O ya and I also gave some fruits that grow from our trees at our ranch (we live in south mexico) to his family, right now they aren’t doing so well in terms of money.  This kid has so much potential, I can feel it.  So I basically took him out and gave him a few pointers that I wish I had had when I was 12.  It’s up to him if he follows my advice or not, but it was the combination of my mentor coupled with the “giving” index cards that sprouted the idea in my head, and made me take action.  Same as the cards say, I didn’t expect anything in return either.  The next day they invited me to a wedding and I had some fun with the family, got to know them a little better and we all had a blast.  So ya… there’s that… and it was awesome.

Right now my whole family is here for christmas vacation so its hard to keep my same routine as I’ve been keeping.  But hey it’s my family! I have to enjoy them, I’m not justifying anything, just saying that at times I tend to wish that they were not here so I can keep my daily routine in harmony, but then I say COME ON MAN! It’s just a few days! Enjoy them! Enjoy them while they’re here! There’s a time for everything.  So that’s what I’m doing.

Anyways… I’m at the ciber cafe right now since there is no internet on my dads ranch, and my whole family is there… so I’m off to be with them.  That’s why this post is a little Short.

Happy Holidays Everybo

MKMMA Week 11


This week has been interesting.  This chapter on the master keys has been the hardest to understand.  I don’t know if it’s me or the chapter itself, but no matter what I do, how many times I go back and read it, it’s still unclear to me.  I mean I get the big picture that it portrays, which thanks to the MKMMA course I already knew, that if you visualize it and feel it, pretending that it already exists, it will come to fruition.  The rest of it honestly, no matter how hard I tried, just went in through my eyes and out through the back of my head. (I would say in one ear and out the other but I’m using my eyes people!)

I just got an email from my guide saying that if somethings are getting in the way of my sits and readings, I am not alone.  It’s funny… I let my old blueprint take over this week for an entire day…. and I didn’t do ANYTHING! Not my index cards, Greatest salesman, DMP, guy in the glass… nothing!! It was weird.  I didn’t feel bad about it either… and no the world didn’t end and no I didn’t loose my mojo.  It was just a day.  It was like a special deal between me and my old blueprint (who I’ve always called my demon). “I’ll let you take over just this once so you stop bothering me, deal? Deal.” I don’t know it wasn’t a conscious decision it just kinda happened, I believe it was on Wednesday.  But regardless, i’m still here.  I still got it!

Something that absolutely blew my mind this week, I’ve mentioned that I have a life mentor (out of nowhere he showed up, they say that when the student is ready, the teacher arrives) who is, without him knowing, synchronized with the mkmma course.  In this week’s chapter it says “It is well, however, to remember that while every effect is the result of a cause, the effect in turn becomes a cause, which creates other effects, which in turn create still other causes; so that when you put the law of attraction into operation you must remember that you are starting a train of causation for good or otherwise which may have endless possibilities.”   On Monday I was with him and he said something very similar.  Something along the lines of “Whatever good you do will have a domino effect and won’t ever stop”…. I started laughing.  He didn’t really know why and I didn’t tell him, but I was amazed… in awe really.  I feel like the universe is aligning everything for me.  Like things are happening exactly how they are supposed to.  Like everything that has happened in my life has been destined to lead me exactly to where I am right now.  I don’t know it may seem cliche, but hey, I see it that way. (see that rhyme I just dropped on you?)

It was pretty cool, yesterday I was told by a 12 year old if I could do a video of me improvising and dedicate it to him because he was seeing my videos with his friends and they didn’t believe him that he knew me.  So I did 😉  Talk about a huge dose of recognition for creative expression.

Anyways peeps, I love you all, stay strong and let’s finish this together.


MKMMA Week 10


Week 10 has been more of a catch up for me.  Last week I traveled and didn’t sleep a lot, so this week I caught up on my sleep, not doing everything assigned on my notebbook.  Everything for the MKMMA course I didn’t skip of course.  But I have certain tasks that I do daily,and I didn’t do a lot of them to catch up on my sleep.  Regardless its been an awesome week.

I can’t wait to find out what our gift will be on December 6th, since I’ve been very disciplined on that mental diet.  I’m ready.  I heard it had something to do with getting rid of fear? I guess we will see what’s up.

Anyway, I honestly don’t have a lot to say this particular week.  Other than thingsare going nice and steady.  I’m always used to sprinting at first and then slowing down to a complete halt so I switched thingsup a bit here.  Better to be the turtle who finishes than the rabbit who doesn’t.

I’m getting more regognition for creative expression, one of my PPNS, as time passes by… it’s pretty cool.  Other that that my friends I don’t have a lot to share.

Peace and love to all.


MKMMA Week 9


Happy Thanksgiving!

This thanksgiving I woke up and I meditated for about 15 minutes, once I was vibrating the right amount I thanked the creator that I’m alive, that I’m clean, that I’m healthy, that I can see, hear, smell, taste, feel, that I have both my legs, both my arms, that I can walk, that I can talk, that I have a place to sleep, that I have people to love….. something I do every single day.  Everyday is thanksgiving! The only difference between the fourth Thursday in November and every other day is eating turkey and seeing the family.  When I was asked what I was thankful for right before digging into to the amazing turkey that my mom prepared, I just said I was thankful to be with my family.  Why do I need a big meal in front of me ONE DAY out of the WHOLE YEAR to be thankful? Everyday is thanksgiving.  Just like my birthday, which was on November 6th and thanksgiving I woke up like any other day… not remembering that it was a “special day” (everyday is special now thanks to the master keys) and did my same routine, meditated and thanked the creator.  Then got up with a big smile on my face ready to tackle the day.

Reminds me of the way people are programmed to respond to days of the week.  Mondays through Thursdays you feel lame because it’s school or work time, Fridays and Saturdays you feel excited because you’re off school or work and you go out and drink so you forget that Mondays through Thursdays suck.  Sundays you feel miserable because it’s the day when the party is over and you prepare mentally that the work week is about to begin.   Pathetic really.  I haven’t been living under that programming since 5 years ago thank god.  But last year I still lived with the whole “today is special because it’s my birthday or the holiday” thing.  Not today, not for the past 9 weeks.  I believe that is the biggest gift that the master keys has given me in all these 9 weeks.  That everyday is special.  That everyday is a gift and we have every reason to be happy and filled with joy.  I swear… on my birthday… I FORGOT IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY!! Just like thanksgiving.  I woke up ready to live and be happy… I didn’t need a reason for it to be a “special day” for me to wake up with motivation and happiness.  Thank you Mark and Davene!

On a different note.  I’m really getting to experience one of my PPN’s a lot, Recognition for creative expression.  It’s little things here and there but they are coming to me more frequently.  A few days ago one of my friends who is a writer listened to one of my songs and he told me that I inspire.  Felt good 😉  Another one of my friends tole me that she felt chills when she listened to the same song.  My other PPN is liberty and this whole time I’ve been thinking that liberty is being able to do what you want when you want… and yes, yes it is.  But now I’ve realized that liberty is also the confidence of being yourself, and freedom from that mind yapping 24/7 at you with no breaks in between.  So yes… I’m also experiencing Liberty… in huge amounts.  I don’t have the money yet that’s on my dmp… but believe me… I believe it 100% that I have it already.  So it’s only a matter of time.

I Love You All

MKMMA Week 8


The recording is the best thing that has happened to me.  I put it on my car while I’m driving and it doesn’t let my mind wonder off.  As time passes my mind slowly but surely is improving.  Now I focus my thoughts more on my dmp through out the day, I’m becoming a better observer when my mind decides to take off and think something not to my benefit (that mind can be a sneaky one!) so I am able to stop it as soon as I do.  The recording helps me a lot, whenever I have the chance to listen to it, I do.  It pumps me with the motivation necessary to live everyday with gratitude and passion, and most importantly it keeps me laser focused on my dmp.

The sitting exercise for this week’s chapter in the master keys has also been my favorite, and I know it’s because I’ve been able to do this one the best out of all the previous ones.  It reminds me of ping pong and basketball.  I’m awesome at pingpong… so I love it.  I’m not good at basketball… so I don’t like it 🙂  This sit has been that one that I’ve been able to concentrate the most without my mind wondering off in a million other directions.  Obviously it’s because I’ve been training my mind to relax and stay focused for 8 weeks  now, but I also think it’s because of the exercise itself.  Tracing the battleship back to where it was first originated as a thought is mind blowing.  Once I trace it all the way back to it’s origin I go the other way,  I start from the thought and end with the battleship.  Yesterday I only drifted for about 3 minutes out of the 20 that I sat.  (Today I drifted for a little bit more that’s why I said yesterday)

I’m applying more the Law of Giving from the index cards, they’re sinking into my subconscious by constant repetition.  From the main road you have to take a dirt road for about a mile to get to my house.  I was driving on that road and I saw a lady carrying her things that she sells during the day, I felt something, but I kept going.  About 30 seconds later I stopped the truck, put it in reverse, picked up the nice lady and drove her home.  She just so happened to live right next to my house.  She was so grateful… but who do you think felt better in the end?  I saw her again and the exact same thing happened.  My old blueprint was “in control” at first.  So I passed her, plus I was leaving… about to get on the main road.  My new and REAL blueprint took over, I put my truck in reverse, and took her home.  It feels amazing to give.

So… I definitely see progress.  It’s slow and miniscule, but it’s constant and steady.  I’m so grateful that I’m still going! My old blueprint was fighting and fighting for me to quit and believe me it was having an effect on me, but I’m still here baby!! Let’s rock this!

MKMMA Week 7



These weeks are flying by!! I feel like it was only yesterday when we started and now we are approaching our end to week 7! Wow! It’s awesome how if you just keep it day by day time flies by super fast.

Anyway… week 7 has been interesting. My mind is much more calm than usual. I haven’t been able to go a full day without a single negative thought but I’ve been surprised at my calm state of mind. I had a little something happen to me last week but it’s all fixed now! So now my mind has nothing to dwell on, couple that with the fact that I’m always busy and that I’m taking one of the best courses in the world to control your thoughts (MKMMA) my mind is relaxed… and it’s awesome. I remember a few days ago being in my truck outside of the bank waiting for my dad, and that’s when it hit me that I literally wasn’t thinking. I mean obviously I was thinking, because the day you stop thinking is the day you die, but my mind wasn’t rambling like it always used to…. thinking about the past or the future. I was just in the moment, admiring what I saw with my eyes, heard with my ears, smelled with my nose, and felt with my skin, being grateful for it all. I’ve also been able to catch myself as soon as I start to think something negative in about 2 seconds or less. Here and there I let it trail off for more than 7 seconds, but the important thing is that I’m catching it, fixing it as soon as I catch it. I’m learning to become a better observer of my mind… it’s pretty cool.

Also my PPN’s keep happening in my life. I rapped for a friend about two moths ago and a few days ago he showed it to a few of my club members… as soon as I walked in they demanded I rap for them. I did so and left them with their mouth open, well at least that’s what they said 🙂 It’s amazing because when I read “I promise to manifest recognition for creative expression” I think (and feel) about just that, I see them being blown away by my abilities… and that is literally what happened! This is turning magical very quickly!

I also got the chance to talk to a 12 year old boy and I bombarded him with everything I could that would benefit him in the two hours I had him at my side. It reminded me of the Law of Giving, I dunno, the whole time I was mentoring him I would remember my index cards that I read daily. I’m also starting to give more. Whenever I feel it, I do it. And that can be as simple as starting a conversation or giving somebody a smile.

In the end… it’s been a fabulous week. I noticed my old blueprint bleed through only once, and it hasn’t appeared again, I’m excited!

Peace and Love my friends

MKMMA Week 6


This week has been a tricky one.  I’ve had some personal situations and challenges (not problems) come up which kind of got my spirit down.  No worries though that’s life, it just hasn’t been a week filled with euphoria like last week.  I haven’t missed any readings or any assignments, been going strong and firm since day one.  I’m not complaining really, but I was expecting it to be a week even better than last, and last week was something truly amazing.  But hey that’s life right? you’re not always down and you’re not always at the very top.  I once red something along the lines of “If your life is more than amazing, be afraid because the universe will hit you with something to even itself out, and when you are at a point in your life when you can’t sink any deeper… be happy because that means that things are about to get better.” Hey I don’t know if that’s true or not but it certainly popped into my mind.  But hey I’m still on track and on fire!

When I saw this weeks webinar on Sunday I thought that we had to put in a lot of extra work (bring it on!) but that wasn’t the case.  The poster is the best thing that has happened to me in terms of this course.  I kind of contradict myself since I said last week was my best week, but with the poster I’m beginning to feel the feelings more real as I say my dmp and read my index cards while looking at my poster.  Also the fact that I have it on my smart phone and I look at it every time I’m having an opinion… wow.  I also put it on my wallet, on my books I’m reading, on my mkmma notebooks, everywhere I can think of.

The opinions are diminishing… they are still there but I can tell that they aren’t there as much as last week.  In fact, and I swear it, I’ve caught myself listening to someone for 15 minutes and then realizing that during those 15 minutes I hadn’t formed a single opinion! Talk about progress.  Still got a long way to go though because the racket is still there on a constant basis, but hey I have a constant reminder to focus either on my shapes or on my affirmations… or on just not thinking at all.

This week I also got to live one of my PPN’s… it was awesome!! My therapist here saw that I’m doing so well so I was asked to speak at rehab clinic (which I was in 2 years ago) about my experiences and what I’m doing to conquer my demons.  After I spoke for an hour in front of 50 people I was asked questions by the interns, I could feel their admiration… then they wanted me to rap for them! But the Therapist who was in charge said no hahaha.  So I gave them my facebook name and told them to look me up.  I received loud applause and a firm handshake and thank you from all 50… after I got in my car and felt the exact same feeling as I would practice when I would say “I Promise to Manifest Recognition for Creative Expression!” It was awesome….  Maybe it was a little more intense at that moment, maybe, but it was exactly the same.

Peace and Love to all.

MKMMA Week 5


Week 5 has been awesome. I’m getting up earlier now, at 8 o clock, and I do my whole MKMMA/Marco Leyba ritual. It’s awesome. I’m starting to awake each morning with a rush deep inside to take on the day. Nothing like I’ve experienced before. Also I’m making better health choices. It’s not one of my Personal Pivotal Needs but I do have something written down on my DMP. I’m eating much healthier and I’m doing exercise, and I’ve already noticed a significant change in my body!

My Dad and I are getting much more along. It’s weird, I have a life mentor who I go with every Monday and his talks are very much in line and in harmony with this course. So When Mark and Davene told us to start giving and to write down those note cards, 4 laws of giving and receiving, and to say them every day, my mentor started saying the same thing, to start giving.

What’s crazier, well, what’s more amazing, is that I started going with my mentor at the same exact time that this course started! I thought that it was probably going to be an information overload, that he was going to tell me to do things and say things completly opposite form this MKMMA course, button on the contrary, its literally an add on to this amazing course, and already so many things are happening.

Boy is the opinion thing super hard!! Good news though, I’ve been able to figure out that 99.99% of my thoughts are opinions! They don’t stop either, the racket doesn’t stop. I’m so glad to become an observer, so I catch myself in the automatic opinion racket and counter it with the affirmation “I can be what I will to be.” When I’m outside of my house, especially when I’m driving running errands with my dad and the racket starts, I focus on the four shapes and colors to counter it! WOW! Talk about a huge difference with those shapes! Since I’ve gotten used to the feeling by reciting everything I am supposed to say three times a day for a month now, everytime I see a designated shape and color, the feeling instantly returns!! My dad has even pointed out and asked what is “wrong” with me since he sees me in the car and a huge smile is on my face, and it doesn’t leave! This is amazing!

Before I would always think about the past, now I’m focusing on living the moment and at the same time seeing my future more clearly with every shape that passes my consciousness! I’m in love! And my days are beginning to be filled with joy and love!

Not to mention I am busy from the moment I wake up to the last moment right before I lay down to sleep. I once heard a saying “The closest thing to a life with purpose is a busy life” and boy o boy do I feel like my life is beginning to have purpose! Especially with my mom and dad. My mentor said, maybe God sent you here for a while so you can show your dad the kind of love that he never got. And I am showering him with the love he deserves and wow does it feel incredible.


MKMMA Week 4


My new blueprint is winning! Believe me my old blue print is still trying to fight back and gain control, it manages to reveal itself here and there for a few minutes at a time, but it’s nothing like the previous weeks.. I can say with all sincerity that my new blueprint is winning, and the demon inside of me is weakening.

Its weird…. I just feel overall… better.  I don’t know I cant explain it.  I get up with more enthusiasm, more energy, and I have more smiles throughout the day.  The relationship with my father is improving, we are getting along a lot better and the vibe is a lot smoother and easier between us, and so grateful… there are very few things in life that are better than having a harmonious and peaceful relationship with your parents.

I didn’t mark out the “will” on my greatest salesman book, I’m just not saying it.  So it’s cool how when I read my blueprint builder immediately after the GS I tend to not read the word “will” on that as well.  I do say the word “will” on the blueprint builder since I haven’t been instructed not to do so, but I do notice the power my subconscious mind has by doing something as easy and as simple as that.

When Mark said that I wasn’t giving 100% I actually thought I was.  After the webinar on Sunday though I realized that I wasn’t… I was only at about 80-85%.  Once I started giving 100% I thought to myself “O ok so this is what Mark meant” 🙂 Thank God that I have my own private room completely separate and far away from the house or else I’d wake everyone up (ok just my dad).  There was one time when I said my DMP at night right before going to sleep, I said with so much GUSTO that a single tear came out of my eye.  I get very emotional, the more time that passes, the more clearly I’m able to see and visualize it.  Every time I see it I believe it more and more. I want to say I can’t wait till 1,2 ,3 months pass to see how clearly I can visualize it… but I won’t.  If there is one thing I learned, it’s to live day by day.  So I’ll say I love how clearly I’m seeing it, and how deep I’m feeling it!

For the past two weeks I’ve taken a step, a baby step, per week.  2 weeks ago it was to meditate first thing when I wake up and last thing right before going to sleep, right after reading my DMP.  This week I added not eating after 9. I have a goal for next week, but that is to be revealed in next weeks post 🙂 Gotta live day by day friends! You’ll never know where you’ll be in 20 minutes,much less tomorrow!

I’m so excited to be part of this.  I feel blessed, I truly feel blessed.  Peace and love my friends.



MKMMA Week 3


Week three has been quite interesting and not quite what I expected. I got sick with a stomach infection…. ya. I didn’t miss any of my readings though, not one.
I usually “sit” for 20-30 minutes but during these few days I sat for the minimum requirement, 15 minutes. I felt really bad physically but I did pat myself on the back when I got through it because despite my stomach, head and joints hurting, not to mention I was super duper weak, I still had the drive to do all of my daily duties. Concentrating on reading the master keys and sitting still was the hardest but I still pushed through and came out on top at the end. I’ve always had a fire inside desperate to be ignited into a huge bonfire. I’ve always had a thirst to better myself, always, and i’m very grateful for that.
Now I’m doing my best so I can beat my old blue print, because man o man It has been fighting desperately and anxiously to bring me back to my old ways. I’ve written songs about it too. I call it my demon. And no I don’t believe that I’m possessed by an entity but it’s the best way I can identify it. That other me, my shadow, the one that wants and thinks everything opposite of the truth- that I am pure love, light, and eternal consciousness. So what I believe is that this “demon” was the one that gave me the stomach infection! I’m winning baby! And it knows it…. and it feels super threatened that it won’t be able to beat me this time so he attacked me with a physical dis-ease and extreme weakness so I would stop doing the MKMMA… and still lost! You are going down demon!! You are terrified and I can feel it! I can smell the fear oozing out of you as you try desperately to cling on, getting weaker and weaker while my true self gets stronger and stronger.
On a different note- my mind is much clearer now it’s amazing. The racket hasn’t stopped completely but it has stopped a considerable difference. The first day I read The Master Keys for week three (right before I got sick) I finished it so fast because I had a clear mind and didn’t have to go back 3-4 times for each paragraph since my mind would wonder off instantly. It didn’t hit me until after I finished reading it that it had taken me 60% less of the time it had taken me before in week two and especially week one.
Today I woke up with a dose of Og – “I begin to awake each morning with a vitality I have never known before.” I woke up with a smile on my face ready and pumped to take on the day! Let’s do this!

So grateful to be part of this. I Love you all