Monthly Archives: September 2015

MKMMA Week 1


This first weak so far has been nice and easy.  I havn’t had to put that much time in, about an hour a day…maybe a little more.  I’ve written my first draft of my DMP and I just got it back from my personal guide.  I’m excited to really get it down over the next few weeks with the help of my guide so my subby can really be worked to its fullest potential.

Since it is barely the first week I havn’t seen any changes yet.  I just have to be patient… these 26 weeks will be over before I know it, all I have to do is stay consistent and not let my old bluprint take over.

My mind wonders everywhere at three zillion miles per hour so I have to go back on my reading. I read three paragraphs without grasping the concept of what is being said so I have to go back again and again until I fully grasp and get a mental clear picture of what I’m reading.  This happens a lot as I read Scroll 1 of “The Greatest Salesman in the World”, but especially as I’m reading week one of the Master Keys.  So what would usually take someone 10 minutes takes me about 25 since I really want to understand it clearly.

Sitting for 15 minutes without moving has been easy for me.  I’ve been adding two mintes every day so now I am at 25 Minutes, and the time flies by like nothing.

It’s easy for me to recite scroll 1, Blueprint Builder, and my DMP with emotion.  I always go somewhere where no one can hear me.  I live in the “guest house” outside of my house so it’s usually not a problem, and I am able to do it at the top of my lungs.  I actually do it so loud that most nights our dogs that gaurd the house come running and barking.  Yesterday there was no electricity because the sky fell (it rained very hard) so I stayed in the regular house and waited till my dad fell asleep… so I did it a little softer to not  wake him up 😉

I know that my mind will stop rambling non stop over time as I advance in the Master Key course, I know that in a short amount of time I will start to be able to control my mind more and more, therefore, improving every section of my life.

I must admit that I am excited.  My whole life I’ve been trying to achieve greatness and my old blueprint has always stopped right before I reach it.  So I am ready for this, I’m giving it all I’ve got.  Can’t get ahead of myself though. I always say “man I wonder how I’ll be on week 13, week 26”, but I won’t! This is a day to day course, so I am not thinking ahead, just what I have to do today, and I know that the weeks will pass by and the course will be over before I know it by applying this method.