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MKMMA Week 5


Week 5 has been awesome. I’m getting up earlier now, at 8 o clock, and I do my whole MKMMA/Marco Leyba ritual. It’s awesome. I’m starting to awake each morning with a rush deep inside to take on the day. Nothing like I’ve experienced before. Also I’m making better health choices. It’s not one of my Personal Pivotal Needs but I do have something written down on my DMP. I’m eating much healthier and I’m doing exercise, and I’ve already noticed a significant change in my body!

My Dad and I are getting much more along. It’s weird, I have a life mentor who I go with every Monday and his talks are very much in line and in harmony with this course. So When Mark and Davene told us to start giving and to write down those note cards, 4 laws of giving and receiving, and to say them every day, my mentor started saying the same thing, to start giving.

What’s crazier, well, what’s more amazing, is that I started going with my mentor at the same exact time that this course started! I thought that it was probably going to be an information overload, that he was going to tell me to do things and say things completly opposite form this MKMMA course, button on the contrary, its literally an add on to this amazing course, and already so many things are happening.

Boy is the opinion thing super hard!! Good news though, I’ve been able to figure out that 99.99% of my thoughts are opinions! They don’t stop either, the racket doesn’t stop. I’m so glad to become an observer, so I catch myself in the automatic opinion racket and counter it with the affirmation “I can be what I will to be.” When I’m outside of my house, especially when I’m driving running errands with my dad and the racket starts, I focus on the four shapes and colors to counter it! WOW! Talk about a huge difference with those shapes! Since I’ve gotten used to the feeling by reciting everything I am supposed to say three times a day for a month now, everytime I see a designated shape and color, the feeling instantly returns!! My dad has even pointed out and asked what is “wrong” with me since he sees me in the car and a huge smile is on my face, and it doesn’t leave! This is amazing!

Before I would always think about the past, now I’m focusing on living the moment and at the same time seeing my future more clearly with every shape that passes my consciousness! I’m in love! And my days are beginning to be filled with joy and love!

Not to mention I am busy from the moment I wake up to the last moment right before I lay down to sleep. I once heard a saying “The closest thing to a life with purpose is a busy life” and boy o boy do I feel like my life is beginning to have purpose! Especially with my mom and dad. My mentor said, maybe God sent you here for a while so you can show your dad the kind of love that he never got. And I am showering him with the love he deserves and wow does it feel incredible.



MKMMA Week 4


My new blueprint is winning! Believe me my old blue print is still trying to fight back and gain control, it manages to reveal itself here and there for a few minutes at a time, but it’s nothing like the previous weeks.. I can say with all sincerity that my new blueprint is winning, and the demon inside of me is weakening.

Its weird…. I just feel overall… better.  I don’t know I cant explain it.  I get up with more enthusiasm, more energy, and I have more smiles throughout the day.  The relationship with my father is improving, we are getting along a lot better and the vibe is a lot smoother and easier between us, and so grateful… there are very few things in life that are better than having a harmonious and peaceful relationship with your parents.

I didn’t mark out the “will” on my greatest salesman book, I’m just not saying it.  So it’s cool how when I read my blueprint builder immediately after the GS I tend to not read the word “will” on that as well.  I do say the word “will” on the blueprint builder since I haven’t been instructed not to do so, but I do notice the power my subconscious mind has by doing something as easy and as simple as that.

When Mark said that I wasn’t giving 100% I actually thought I was.  After the webinar on Sunday though I realized that I wasn’t… I was only at about 80-85%.  Once I started giving 100% I thought to myself “O ok so this is what Mark meant” 🙂 Thank God that I have my own private room completely separate and far away from the house or else I’d wake everyone up (ok just my dad).  There was one time when I said my DMP at night right before going to sleep, I said with so much GUSTO that a single tear came out of my eye.  I get very emotional, the more time that passes, the more clearly I’m able to see and visualize it.  Every time I see it I believe it more and more. I want to say I can’t wait till 1,2 ,3 months pass to see how clearly I can visualize it… but I won’t.  If there is one thing I learned, it’s to live day by day.  So I’ll say I love how clearly I’m seeing it, and how deep I’m feeling it!

For the past two weeks I’ve taken a step, a baby step, per week.  2 weeks ago it was to meditate first thing when I wake up and last thing right before going to sleep, right after reading my DMP.  This week I added not eating after 9. I have a goal for next week, but that is to be revealed in next weeks post 🙂 Gotta live day by day friends! You’ll never know where you’ll be in 20 minutes,much less tomorrow!

I’m so excited to be part of this.  I feel blessed, I truly feel blessed.  Peace and love my friends.



MKMMA Week 3


Week three has been quite interesting and not quite what I expected. I got sick with a stomach infection…. ya. I didn’t miss any of my readings though, not one.
I usually “sit” for 20-30 minutes but during these few days I sat for the minimum requirement, 15 minutes. I felt really bad physically but I did pat myself on the back when I got through it because despite my stomach, head and joints hurting, not to mention I was super duper weak, I still had the drive to do all of my daily duties. Concentrating on reading the master keys and sitting still was the hardest but I still pushed through and came out on top at the end. I’ve always had a fire inside desperate to be ignited into a huge bonfire. I’ve always had a thirst to better myself, always, and i’m very grateful for that.
Now I’m doing my best so I can beat my old blue print, because man o man It has been fighting desperately and anxiously to bring me back to my old ways. I’ve written songs about it too. I call it my demon. And no I don’t believe that I’m possessed by an entity but it’s the best way I can identify it. That other me, my shadow, the one that wants and thinks everything opposite of the truth- that I am pure love, light, and eternal consciousness. So what I believe is that this “demon” was the one that gave me the stomach infection! I’m winning baby! And it knows it…. and it feels super threatened that it won’t be able to beat me this time so he attacked me with a physical dis-ease and extreme weakness so I would stop doing the MKMMA… and still lost! You are going down demon!! You are terrified and I can feel it! I can smell the fear oozing out of you as you try desperately to cling on, getting weaker and weaker while my true self gets stronger and stronger.
On a different note- my mind is much clearer now it’s amazing. The racket hasn’t stopped completely but it has stopped a considerable difference. The first day I read The Master Keys for week three (right before I got sick) I finished it so fast because I had a clear mind and didn’t have to go back 3-4 times for each paragraph since my mind would wonder off instantly. It didn’t hit me until after I finished reading it that it had taken me 60% less of the time it had taken me before in week two and especially week one.
Today I woke up with a dose of Og – “I begin to awake each morning with a vitality I have never known before.” I woke up with a smile on my face ready and pumped to take on the day! Let’s do this!

So grateful to be part of this. I Love you all

MKMMA Week 2


Week two has been interesting. Can’t quite get my DMP right yet, I feel like I can’t fit everything I want to put in without exceeding my 400 word limit due to the detail I must emphasize, but I know in a few more weeks with the help of my personal guide I’ll get it down exactly how it should be.

My two PPNs came to me as a no brainer, I instinctively already knew what they were before doing the exercise with the left hand on the webinar. (Wow!) My PPNs, or Personal Pivotal Needs, are Liberty and Recognition for Creative Expression. I’ve always wanted liberty, I’ve always dreamed about going anywhere in the world at a seconds notice without having the restraint of money holding me back. It’s what I’ve dreamed of since I was 17! Unconsciously circling Liberty with my left hand put a big smile on my face, as it only confirmed 100% what I already knew.

I always want to show people my songs that I compose once they’re finished, as soon as they’re finished so I can feel a sense of accomplishment and pride. When I unconsciously circled Recognition for Creative Expression it also came to me as a no brainer. The biggest impact about week two was that I viewed this as something wrong, as a character defect, as a way to get attention… because I’ve been raised with the idea that wanting attention is a bad thing. This week my view completely flipped! Why is it a bad thing? I love my art! And I love to share it with people! What’s so bad about that?! On the contrary… Now I can embrace it! See it as a good thing and be happy about it!

Reading and reciting 3 times a day has become more normal, not so much “I have to do this” but more “I’m going to do this.” I had a nice rhythm and flow going, but I had to fly to Mexico City because my girlfriend was hospitalized (don’t worry now she’s ok) which stopped the smooth flow but I still managed. As soon as we landed we went to a restaurant, so I took my things into the bathroom and did my mid day reading and reciting. I had to get up two hours earlier to read the Master Keys, sit for 30 minutes and exercise so I could get it out of the way and be all day at the hospital with my girlfriend. Around 3 I also snuck into a bathroom for my mid day reciting.

I can’t say my mind is much clearer but I am noticing a difference in the racket, it’s gone down slightly, I don’t have to read the each paragraph 3-4 times to get a clear understanding of what is being said in the Master keys.

Taking it day by day. Peace and Love