MKMMA Week 6


This week has been a tricky one.  I’ve had some personal situations and challenges (not problems) come up which kind of got my spirit down.  No worries though that’s life, it just hasn’t been a week filled with euphoria like last week.  I haven’t missed any readings or any assignments, been going strong and firm since day one.  I’m not complaining really, but I was expecting it to be a week even better than last, and last week was something truly amazing.  But hey that’s life right? you’re not always down and you’re not always at the very top.  I once red something along the lines of “If your life is more than amazing, be afraid because the universe will hit you with something to even itself out, and when you are at a point in your life when you can’t sink any deeper… be happy because that means that things are about to get better.” Hey I don’t know if that’s true or not but it certainly popped into my mind.  But hey I’m still on track and on fire!

When I saw this weeks webinar on Sunday I thought that we had to put in a lot of extra work (bring it on!) but that wasn’t the case.  The poster is the best thing that has happened to me in terms of this course.  I kind of contradict myself since I said last week was my best week, but with the poster I’m beginning to feel the feelings more real as I say my dmp and read my index cards while looking at my poster.  Also the fact that I have it on my smart phone and I look at it every time I’m having an opinion… wow.  I also put it on my wallet, on my books I’m reading, on my mkmma notebooks, everywhere I can think of.

The opinions are diminishing… they are still there but I can tell that they aren’t there as much as last week.  In fact, and I swear it, I’ve caught myself listening to someone for 15 minutes and then realizing that during those 15 minutes I hadn’t formed a single opinion! Talk about progress.  Still got a long way to go though because the racket is still there on a constant basis, but hey I have a constant reminder to focus either on my shapes or on my affirmations… or on just not thinking at all.

This week I also got to live one of my PPN’s… it was awesome!! My therapist here saw that I’m doing so well so I was asked to speak at rehab clinic (which I was in 2 years ago) about my experiences and what I’m doing to conquer my demons.  After I spoke for an hour in front of 50 people I was asked questions by the interns, I could feel their admiration… then they wanted me to rap for them! But the Therapist who was in charge said no hahaha.  So I gave them my facebook name and told them to look me up.  I received loud applause and a firm handshake and thank you from all 50… after I got in my car and felt the exact same feeling as I would practice when I would say “I Promise to Manifest Recognition for Creative Expression!” It was awesome….  Maybe it was a little more intense at that moment, maybe, but it was exactly the same.

Peace and Love to all.


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  1. Marco, the opinion thing can be a tough one for me. I used to think something was wrong with me, since I didn’t have opinions about a lot of things like politics. So, I made a concerted effort to develop opinions. Now, I realize that was probably a mistake!


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