MKMMA Week 7



These weeks are flying by!! I feel like it was only yesterday when we started and now we are approaching our end to week 7! Wow! It’s awesome how if you just keep it day by day time flies by super fast.

Anyway… week 7 has been interesting. My mind is much more calm than usual. I haven’t been able to go a full day without a single negative thought but I’ve been surprised at my calm state of mind. I had a little something happen to me last week but it’s all fixed now! So now my mind has nothing to dwell on, couple that with the fact that I’m always busy and that I’m taking one of the best courses in the world to control your thoughts (MKMMA) my mind is relaxed… and it’s awesome. I remember a few days ago being in my truck outside of the bank waiting for my dad, and that’s when it hit me that I literally wasn’t thinking. I mean obviously I was thinking, because the day you stop thinking is the day you die, but my mind wasn’t rambling like it always used to…. thinking about the past or the future. I was just in the moment, admiring what I saw with my eyes, heard with my ears, smelled with my nose, and felt with my skin, being grateful for it all. I’ve also been able to catch myself as soon as I start to think something negative in about 2 seconds or less. Here and there I let it trail off for more than 7 seconds, but the important thing is that I’m catching it, fixing it as soon as I catch it. I’m learning to become a better observer of my mind… it’s pretty cool.

Also my PPN’s keep happening in my life. I rapped for a friend about two moths ago and a few days ago he showed it to a few of my club members… as soon as I walked in they demanded I rap for them. I did so and left them with their mouth open, well at least that’s what they said 🙂 It’s amazing because when I read “I promise to manifest recognition for creative expression” I think (and feel) about just that, I see them being blown away by my abilities… and that is literally what happened! This is turning magical very quickly!

I also got the chance to talk to a 12 year old boy and I bombarded him with everything I could that would benefit him in the two hours I had him at my side. It reminded me of the Law of Giving, I dunno, the whole time I was mentoring him I would remember my index cards that I read daily. I’m also starting to give more. Whenever I feel it, I do it. And that can be as simple as starting a conversation or giving somebody a smile.

In the end… it’s been a fabulous week. I noticed my old blueprint bleed through only once, and it hasn’t appeared again, I’m excited!

Peace and Love my friends


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