MKMMA Week 8


The recording is the best thing that has happened to me.  I put it on my car while I’m driving and it doesn’t let my mind wonder off.  As time passes my mind slowly but surely is improving.  Now I focus my thoughts more on my dmp through out the day, I’m becoming a better observer when my mind decides to take off and think something not to my benefit (that mind can be a sneaky one!) so I am able to stop it as soon as I do.  The recording helps me a lot, whenever I have the chance to listen to it, I do.  It pumps me with the motivation necessary to live everyday with gratitude and passion, and most importantly it keeps me laser focused on my dmp.

The sitting exercise for this week’s chapter in the master keys has also been my favorite, and I know it’s because I’ve been able to do this one the best out of all the previous ones.  It reminds me of ping pong and basketball.  I’m awesome at pingpong… so I love it.  I’m not good at basketball… so I don’t like it 🙂  This sit has been that one that I’ve been able to concentrate the most without my mind wondering off in a million other directions.  Obviously it’s because I’ve been training my mind to relax and stay focused for 8 weeks  now, but I also think it’s because of the exercise itself.  Tracing the battleship back to where it was first originated as a thought is mind blowing.  Once I trace it all the way back to it’s origin I go the other way,  I start from the thought and end with the battleship.  Yesterday I only drifted for about 3 minutes out of the 20 that I sat.  (Today I drifted for a little bit more that’s why I said yesterday)

I’m applying more the Law of Giving from the index cards, they’re sinking into my subconscious by constant repetition.  From the main road you have to take a dirt road for about a mile to get to my house.  I was driving on that road and I saw a lady carrying her things that she sells during the day, I felt something, but I kept going.  About 30 seconds later I stopped the truck, put it in reverse, picked up the nice lady and drove her home.  She just so happened to live right next to my house.  She was so grateful… but who do you think felt better in the end?  I saw her again and the exact same thing happened.  My old blueprint was “in control” at first.  So I passed her, plus I was leaving… about to get on the main road.  My new and REAL blueprint took over, I put my truck in reverse, and took her home.  It feels amazing to give.

So… I definitely see progress.  It’s slow and miniscule, but it’s constant and steady.  I’m so grateful that I’m still going! My old blueprint was fighting and fighting for me to quit and believe me it was having an effect on me, but I’m still here baby!! Let’s rock this!


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