MKMMA Week 10


Week 10 has been more of a catch up for me.  Last week I traveled and didn’t sleep a lot, so this week I caught up on my sleep, not doing everything assigned on my notebbook.  Everything for the MKMMA course I didn’t skip of course.  But I have certain tasks that I do daily,and I didn’t do a lot of them to catch up on my sleep.  Regardless its been an awesome week.

I can’t wait to find out what our gift will be on December 6th, since I’ve been very disciplined on that mental diet.  I’m ready.  I heard it had something to do with getting rid of fear? I guess we will see what’s up.

Anyway, I honestly don’t have a lot to say this particular week.  Other than thingsare going nice and steady.  I’m always used to sprinting at first and then slowing down to a complete halt so I switched thingsup a bit here.  Better to be the turtle who finishes than the rabbit who doesn’t.

I’m getting more regognition for creative expression, one of my PPNS, as time passes by… it’s pretty cool.  Other that that my friends I don’t have a lot to share.

Peace and love to all.



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