MKMMA Week 12


So this week has been interesting.  My mentor told be a few days back that I’m supposed to take action on giving.  So as I was practicing my rhymes, a sudden idea occured to me, to take a 12 year old kid out to eat and mentor him a little, so I did just that.  O ya and I also gave some fruits that grow from our trees at our ranch (we live in south mexico) to his family, right now they aren’t doing so well in terms of money.  This kid has so much potential, I can feel it.  So I basically took him out and gave him a few pointers that I wish I had had when I was 12.  It’s up to him if he follows my advice or not, but it was the combination of my mentor coupled with the “giving” index cards that sprouted the idea in my head, and made me take action.  Same as the cards say, I didn’t expect anything in return either.  The next day they invited me to a wedding and I had some fun with the family, got to know them a little better and we all had a blast.  So ya… there’s that… and it was awesome.

Right now my whole family is here for christmas vacation so its hard to keep my same routine as I’ve been keeping.  But hey it’s my family! I have to enjoy them, I’m not justifying anything, just saying that at times I tend to wish that they were not here so I can keep my daily routine in harmony, but then I say COME ON MAN! It’s just a few days! Enjoy them! Enjoy them while they’re here! There’s a time for everything.  So that’s what I’m doing.

Anyways… I’m at the ciber cafe right now since there is no internet on my dads ranch, and my whole family is there… so I’m off to be with them.  That’s why this post is a little Short.

Happy Holidays Everybo


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  1. Love the giving! And you never know where that simple, kind act will lead – we keep giving without expectation, sharing the love, and leaving the result up to the Universe. Well done, my friend!


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